Common Side Effects of Viagra

•        Stomach upset,
 •        Diarrhea l.
 •        Blurred vision.
 •        Headache.
 •        Facial flushing.

NOTE:      These are typically short-term negative effects associated with Viagra No Prescriptions and often diminish with time or even with normal intake. Sometimes these negative effects stay on in excess of 4 or 5 hrs and in this example your personal doctor must be contacted.

Viagra Online Dosage Tips For Impotence Care

Major rule of dosing instruction is that a drug should be taken on doctor's advice only. Taking without prescription may lead to health complications. Viagra is also a drug for ED and should be taken only when your doctor prescribes it. Also, its intake should be followed by strictly following dosing instructions. Dosing instructions of Viagra are mentioned here.

Viagra should be taken exactly as prescribed by your physician. Those who follow this rule seriously are on the advantage of experiencing faster results. The dose of Viagra differs from person to person. It is not same for everyone as this drug comes in various strengths of 25mg, 50mg, and 100mg. For the most part it is seen that the initial recommended dose of Viagra is 50mg. But it is not static for always. After sometime depending on how Viagra works on you your healthcare provider may further increase or decrease the dose. But men are apprised not to make any changes in the dose on own in any case. Viagra Pharmacy.

Viagra is an oral prescription and needs to be taken with water. Water is the best solvent for Viagra tabs as it rapidly dissolves them in the blood. Swallow the tab as a whole. Do not chew, break or crush it. The tab of Viagra should be taken one hour before the sexual intimacy. Also, it can be taken only one time in an entire day. Taking the tab twice in a day should be strictly avoided, even if drug does not show any effect, as it causes severe side effects. Viagra can be taken with and without food both, but heavy fat meals should be strictly avoided as they slow down working mechanism of the drug.

Viagra generic is effective in showing erection only when a man is sexually excited. In absence of sexual stimulation it remains completely ineffective as it is not an aphrodisiac. It needs to be taken every time one hour before the intercourse. Do not become habitual to the drug as later achieving erection on own will become much difficult. Do not take the drug in overdose as it is much injurious to health. There is no chance of missing a dose with Viagra as it is taken only when urge for the sex arises in the body.

These are dosing instructions of Viagra and required to be complied unfeignedly for best results.

Buy Viagra Online To Improve Performance

Generic Viagra is a great drug for treating gravest problem of men i.e. erectile dysfunction. Viagra is a prescribed drug for treating ED. Efficiency of the drug further proved when it got approval of Food and Drug Administration and World Health Organization. The dynamic component of this drug is Sildenafil citrate. Viagra helps in regulation blood flow and helps to have and maintain erection. Just in one hour men can get erection by taking it. It treats sexual disorder problem only of men. Women cannot use it. Viagra is very cheap but quality wise is very high. Millions of men have treated their impotence by using this drug. Do not misunderstand Viagra with aphrodisiac.